jim mckairnes

a tv guy

"Hands down the the best class I have ever had in four years of college."

"There was certainly more than a curriculum in his lesson plans; I have taken life-lessons from the class, too."

"You created a classroom environment that fostered conversation and interesting debates.  I can genuinely say I walked away from every one of your classes knowing that I learned something new.  Bottom line, thanks for being awesome."

host Bob Eubanks

actress Piper Laurie

Executive Rich Frank

writer/director/producer David Lee

actor/director Peter Bonerz

actress Valerie Harper

writer Anne Beatts


The Nashville Film Institute


Multi-hair-styled contributor to Archive of American Television: 



guest lecturer: College of Charleston, NYU, USC, UCLA, and others

Verizon Chair

Temple University

Philadelphia 2013-15

DePaul University

Chicago 2010-2013

“Jim McKairnes is a great teacher and a very intelligent, kind, and simply fantastic guy. DePaul University needs more Jim McKairnes. If it really wants to improve the program, making it a more pragmatic and worthwhile program, bring back Jim and have him teach more classes.”