jim mckairnes

a tv guy

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available on Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com

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a memoir, of sorts

"A talented writer and a gifted observer ... Wow, what a great read."

"Highly recommended"

"Funny, poignant, vivid ... I've fallen head-first, heart-following into the descriptions of this life..."

“Thanks for putting this book together, Jim. As someone who wants to break into TV and film, when and how else am I ever going to get 103 successful Hollywood people -- executives and presidents and directors and writers and assistants – all in the same room at the same time to give me advice about how to do it? Your book gives me that."

A collection of practical and tactical advice for college grads and anyone else with eyes on a TV career, as offered from executives and writers and directors and dozens of other insiders who made their ways onto and then up the Hollywood ladder.

A longtime CBS executive recounts the years that took him from his Philadelphia rowhome to an executive position at TV's Number One network * How does television work?  What makes a TV network run? * It's all part of a "hilarious and heartwarming read."